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best of both

You should try our approach of combining RSS & Read-it-Later.

One inbox for all

We take all your long-form articles from Instapaper, Readability & Pocket. And everything ends up in one inbox. And we sync every article down on your desktop computer & make them available offline. And you can search them too.

RSS Read-it-Later Style

RSS feeds that automatically fetch the whole article behind the short teaser and don't fill up your normal Inbox. As soon as you find an article worth keeping, just pull it into you folders or favorite it.

New themes

In our neverending conquest to craft the best possible reading expierence on the desktop we experimented a lot, focussing mainly on typography & readability. We even added Fira, the new free font from Erik Spiekermann.

Newspaper Style

We offer you two different kinds of reading experiences. The single column approach is the tried & test way of reading on the internet. Additionally you can choose the multicolumn view for more newspaper like experience. You should give it a try.

Have it your way

Aside from offering you the standard serif and sans-serif themes, we included some more subtle and characteristic options (even including a Comic Sans theme for our designer friends). Additionally we added a Dyslexic option.

Searching the Library

Now you have curated yourself a library of quality articles, you probably need to find a specific piece of text you know you had saved some time ago. Just pop in some text into our search field and we will look up the article to you.

Features for everyone

Every read-it-later service provides different features. With us, Readability users can put articles in folders & Instapaper fans can tag their articles. We can’t sync these changes back, if your service doesn’t provide them. But in Words, we can make it happen.

Responsive times

We want to provide the best possible reading experience on the desktop. So we took care of it for you. The bigger the window, the bigger the font size. And just in case you want to supersize your text, just check the preferences and choose the bigger text option.

What others say?

Mac.Appstorm Review: A Brand New Take on Reading Later. For Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket for your Mac, Words 2 packs a unique interface & responsive text for a nice offline reading experience. 9/10 Points.

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